Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Now a bit about Learning American English Vocabulary

Importance of Learning American English Vocabulary

Learning English, the preferred language across multiple nations of the world, widens your opportunities to communicate with people of different nations. While learning English, many of us get confused whether to learn American English or British English. It is preferable to learn American English as it is being widely used by entrepreneurs across the world.  First step in the learning of any language is learning the vocabulary. Vocabulary refers to a set of words known and used by an individual. Though learning vocabulary is the first step of learning a language many people fail to fulfill it successfully. Here is an overview of learning American English vocabulary.
Improves communication skills: It is very important to use exact words to convey the message accurately. A person with huge vocabulary can express his thoughts to anyone easily by using multiple word choices. For example, a particular word will have both complex as well as simple synonyms. So, a person who owns good vocabulary can use words as per the understanding ability of the audience and make it easier for them to understand.

Grab the attention of the audience: Whether you speak to a single person or a group it is essential to keep them engaged. If you fall short of words then you will definitely fail to grab their attention and message you intend to pass cannot be passed. A concept that is explained using multiple words with similar meaning will be understood easily than one single term.

Improves social status: Person with rich American Englishvocabulary can express his ideas to a large audience. This helps him make people understand that he is smart. Opinions of smart and intelligent people are definitely respected in the society. Thus, it helps to alleviate social status.

Lets you understand the world better: American English is widely used across the world. Hence, learning American English vocabulary lets you understand what is going on across the globe. You can meet people across the world through social networking sites such as Facebook, share ideas with them and enrich your knowledge. Currently, research organizations located in different nations are sharing the work and ultimately contributing to the growth of mankind. Wonders of science such as decoding of human genome are efforts of scientists across the world.

Tour the world with confidence: Whether it is a German speaking nation or French speaking nation they will definitely have help desks that can guide you in English. Hence, by knowing American English you can very easily visit any place in the world and communicate without any difficulty. It also increases your entertainment options as more number of movies and TV shows are telecast in American English across the world.

Lastly, if you are planning to attend college or school at United States of America then it is very important to learn American English vocabulary so as to speak, understand, read and write the language. American colleges and Universities offer scholarships to foreign students willing to pursue education in their country and who can use English language efficiently.


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