Friday, 13 July 2012

English as language of Internet

English language – The Language of W3 (World Wide Web)

Virtual world has become even more fascinating than the real world. With the number of nerds and geeks increasing, the world is now cyber-world and this is no exaggeration. With a boom of employment opportunities and online projects/assignments reaching an all time high, internet is the order of the day. Be it games, lucrative deals, sales and purchasing, booking and financial transactions and many more, Internet is dominating the world in its own beautiful way. The credibility of internet could be attributed to ease and comfort of working from a per-defined, determined place. These make internet interactions viable and constructive this reducing the stress levels.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Importance of Learning English

Why learning English is important in today’s world?

As it has been suggested time and again that English has emerged as one of the most prominent global languages, the importance of English would be elucidated in this write-up. With the concept of global village emerging and spreading like wildfire and the significance of English securing an all time high it becomes important to learn English.

What is English Language?

English Language is one the most spoken languages of the world. It has been conferred the status of Lingua Franca. English is the language of the nobles. As a token of deep affection it is also called the Queen’s language. If you get deeper into the history of English Language, you would be surprised to know that English, the world’s greatest language, is in fact a hybrid. You might be wondering what ‘Hybrid’ could be. English is deemed “Hybrid” for it has extensively borrowed to its literature from languages like- French, Greek, Latin, Spanish and a few more. There are many words in English that are actually borrowed from many other foreign languages.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Learning English Online

English is a language which has now become one of the sources to earn “bread and butter.” Yes, it is one of the most reliable sources to earn your living in the present day world. With the importance of it growing at an unbelievable speed, everyone is just trying to learn this lang in order to be able to find the best of the best employment opportunities not just in their own native country but in other foreign countries as well. Today, many of the MNCs in Asian countries are employing those who have the abilities to present themselves in English language.