Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Importance of Learning English

Why learning English is important in today’s world?

As it has been suggested time and again that English has emerged as one of the most prominent global languages, the importance of English would be elucidated in this write-up. With the concept of global village emerging and spreading like wildfire and the significance of English securing an all time high it becomes important to learn English.

Why should we learn English?

We should learn English because the majority of world’s processes and procedures function in English. The language of the high-profile bureaucrats is English. The inter and intra governmental affairs are transacted in English. The country’s foreign policies have to be drafted in English. When people and professionals are posted abroad they need to communicate in English to be able to understand and to be understood. Above all English as a language has in it a grace and a rare kind of elegance which could immediately empower the speaker with all the necessary confidence. It is not an exaggeration when I say that a person with a flair in English language bags quick professional assignments and not just these he scales along the hierarchical ladder in a considerably fast, very fast rather, time pace. A person gifted with fluency in English is certainly considered gifted and has an edge over his/her contemporaries and peers.

English for success:

English helps bag assignments, stand first in competition. In nutshell English is the Oxygen that keeps the professional life go very strong and agile. English is indispensable to one’s success.

English is a language of prominence in professional world. The importance of English begins at the threshold of the professional world. At the reception, precisely. As they say well begun is half done, the person with necessary interpersonal skills and decent communication skills can impress client right at the beginning of any lucrative deal. Learning English and its sheen is realized in a little later part of one’s professional life. For instance good communication skills in English are mandatory for successful seminars and presentations. If you are able to express yourself effectively you are halfway through your professional sojourn.

When we say learning English it is not just restricted to the spoken Language, it penetrates into the ‘written’ world too. A well written and expressed write-up always stands apart from a bunch of the large number of articles. There is a need so to archive well written documents. The price of well crafted write-up is invaluable. Learning English becomes important in a scenario wherein the written word is considered seriously. Especially in South Asian and even the western countries there is a lot of impetus felt by the community of academics on aspects pertaining to writing in English. Language workshops and creative writing workshops are organized almost perennially.

Competitive examinations make learning English even more indispensable. English is tested in these exams by ways of evaluating grammar, vocabulary and language skills. The interview that ensues determines the Spoken English competence of the person. The journey with English in a situation like this is almost right from birth to all the major and quintessential phases of life.

Certain examination procedures include in them debates and group discussions in them. Knowledge of English becomes mandatory in any given situation of life. Therefore it is highly suggested to realize sooner than later the importance of learning English. English opens brilliant career vistas in which one could stroll and relax elegantly. On the other hand career prospects become limp in a situation where in English; learning English takes a back seat. 

Studying abroad now requires English language. Those who have interest in studying in one of the reputed colleges in English speaking countries like UK, US, Australia etc need to undergo international tests such as TOEFL / IELTS etc. These tests are designed in order to evaluate the all four skills related to the language such as Listening Skills, Speaking Skills, Reading Skills and Writing Skills. If the level of language is not up to the mark then getting good score in such exams would be next to impossible. In other words it can be said that the dream to study in an English country will be shattered to pieces just because of the poor language skills.

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