Thursday, 16 August 2012

English Courses

English Courses for one and all

Beginner’s English / Intermediate English / Advanced English

There is an abundance of EnglishCourses these days.  When you realize a need to learn English and join a specific course then it is time for you to do a basic self analysis. You first need to identify your own comprehension of language. How accurate and how fluent are you? These are some fundamental questions that you need to ask yourself. Once you identify these areas you can start searching for a course that would suit your requirement. Usually the English Language Course offered by professional institutions are at three levels:

Monday, 13 August 2012

Common English Errors

Some of the common English Errors in usage of English Language

If English is not the native language of the speaker and the speaker is making use of the language for some other purpose (be it for studies, job etc) then naturally there can be a few mistakes which will eventually creep in while speaking. We need not actually worry about them. Constant exposure to the language and a little practice will certainly help you speak English without any kind of grammatical or lexical errors. Let us now look at some commonEnglish errors and ways of correcting them.