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English Courses

English Courses for one and all

Beginner’s English / Intermediate English / Advanced English

There is an abundance of EnglishCourses these days.  When you realize a need to learn English and join a specific course then it is time for you to do a basic self analysis. You first need to identify your own comprehension of language. How accurate and how fluent are you? These are some fundamental questions that you need to ask yourself. Once you identify these areas you can start searching for a course that would suit your requirement. Usually the English Language Course offered by professional institutions are at three levels:

  1. The beginner’s course 
  2. The Intermediate English
  3. The Advanced English

The beginners’ course is for someone without any knowledge of English.

This group comprises of people with knowledge of alphabet and slightly above that. They are comfortable with simple 2-3 word structures and not beyond. The beginner’s course designed for this group exposes these students to slightly complex sentence structures. They are given some basic vocabulary drill and also given grammar modules on a regular basis. The beginner’s course of English will certainly upgrade the student’s knowledge of English. Not only this will this also instill in him/her the requisite confidence to use the language properly. Hence this specific course will be ideal for the ones who want to learn the language from the scratch.

The Intermediate English language course is for the one who is good at some basic vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure. Your flight could start from there. In this course you will be exposed to some compound sentence structures and some complicated/passive vocabulary. At this level some basic phrasal verbs and idioms are taught too. Since Idioms make the language usage beautiful they are taught in the Intermediate level. Learning idioms and phrases facilitate creative use of the language and felicity of expression in heightened like never before. Phrasal verbs taught in this course make the language sound both beautiful and simple. 

The advanced course of English brings you face to face with all that is complicated and at the highest level of proficiency. Besides mastering grammar you will be given an ample and systematic drill on passive vocabulary. You will be brought face to face with real life problems. The course in Advanced English will help you realize actual problems that you face in life while communicating. To this effect you would be given many real-life situation like skits and role plays. In a simulated environment you will be asked to communicate with an International Bank Teller or Manager regarding your credit card. You will be asked to indulge in a simulated conversation with a politician/sportsman or any other celebrity in an interview. These things would boost you r confidence and fluency. The frequency of these things will help you converse perfectly in English.

In fact all these courses will certainly help you a decent level in language use. Besides instilling knowledge of English the courses make you confident and generate an ease owing to subject knowledge.

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