Friday, 28 September 2012

English Grammar Online

Learning English Grammar is not a Herculean task. Nevertheless it is not a cakewalk too! Grammar extracts fear. This is true! Somehow we are intimidated by the sheer mention of the name ‘grammar’. What is grammar? Grammar is the aspect of the language that familiarizes us with the sentence structures. There are certain rules to be followed for formulating sentences. If we neglect these rules we land up constructing very faulty sentences. It is very important however to bear these rules in mind before we write or speak in English. Because a faulty sentence or speech structures damage the prospect of ‘first impression is the best’.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

English Learning Books Online

The best of the English Learning Books for all those who are wishing to learn and improve their English Language

Literature plays a vital role in language learning. If a part of English language learning could be attributed to systematized training in the classroom a part of it (and a major part at that) could be attributed to Reading Books. But these days in the hustle bustle and chaos of commercial life, it is not really possible to lay hands on all the books. You could hardly purchase some or borrow them for the library. But reaching these libraries wading through an obstinate traffic is a challenge in itself. You can now read many English language learning books online and read them at the comfort of your home. Graceful it sounds, isn’t it?