Friday, 28 September 2012

English Grammar Online

Learning English Grammar is not a Herculean task. Nevertheless it is not a cakewalk too! Grammar extracts fear. This is true! Somehow we are intimidated by the sheer mention of the name ‘grammar’. What is grammar? Grammar is the aspect of the language that familiarizes us with the sentence structures. There are certain rules to be followed for formulating sentences. If we neglect these rules we land up constructing very faulty sentences. It is very important however to bear these rules in mind before we write or speak in English. Because a faulty sentence or speech structures damage the prospect of ‘first impression is the best’.

There are many rules pertaining to various topics of grammar starting from nouns to complex sentences. Without knowing them you will have to wade through obstacle filled unknown waters, is not that a problem now. Hence familiarize yourself with the rules of the language and apply them to your day t day language learning processes and activities. There are numerous online grammar learning portals available. They give you not just the rules but also ample scope for practice. The best thing about the online English learning portals is that they will give you chance and opportunity to try a grammar exercise for more number of times. You can keep trying until you internalize all the rules and are in a position to come up with your own creative structures.

If you happen to be an English Language Teacher you could pretty well use these Online English learning exercises from the sites and use them comfortably in the classroom. But be sure that the website you choose to learn online English Grammar is an authentic one and is maintained by people well versed in English Language. This you could immediately determine once you stop by the site and read the content. You can then do some systematic and meticulous browsing topic wise. While doing this keep handy some popular grammar book so that you can look for similarities. This way a specific grammar rule gets entrenched into your memory. You can then coolly search for proper exercises and work on the, If the Online English grammar learning portal gives you chance to download, download the English grammar test papers and have them in print. The printouts could be used for classroom practice and teaching too.

While commencing your sojourn and an arduous sojourn of grammar learning, start from learning the Basic English Grammar. This you could do step by step. Once you are familiar with the basics you could then go the intermediate and advanced Online English learning modules. You can keep practicing online English grammar exercises and keep taking the online English grammar tests and practice tests simultaneously.  Never go for an Online English grammar learning website if you find the language erroneous. You will never benefit from such sites come what may.

These days there is a lot of writing work involved for many. Blogging, social networking, online discussions and forums have made it inevitable for a person to communicate in English. Write in English to be even more specific. Hence in order to be able to do some effective communication it becomes essential for us to have knowledge of English LanguageGrammar. You need to have a hang of English grammar rules pertaining to nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, simple, compound, complex sentences, punctuation, adjectives, conditionals, idioms, phrases, modifiers and many more to actually come up with correct and precise English sentences that would be useful both for writing and speaking. The online English grammar learning would help you edit not just your work but also others’ work.

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