Tuesday, 2 October 2012

All About Learning English Through Online English Grammar

Learning online English grammar?

Why learn English Grammar Online? Why Learning English Grammar is indispensable while learning to speak good English Language?

(1)    Learning English grammar empowers you to come up with grammatically precise sentences.
(2)    The knowledge of grammar helps you to improve your work and others.
(3)    It instills in you confidence that would certainly help you improve ‘interpersonal’ relations.
(4)    It also makes you compose effective business correspondences thus securing your job and offering you many opportunities to get promotions and brighter career prospects.
Hence learning English grammar could do only good to you. Once you gain perfection in English grammar you will also gain recognition. This way you could help others to chisel and refine their language skills. These days people that could communicate in grammatically correct English are seeking better career opportunities. Such people are required to travel around make business deals and hold meetings, seminars and presentations. Hence English becomes an indispensable tool to career ascension.

Besides the regular grammar mistakes you also need to peek into the domain of stylistics. There are many miscellaneous errors and others that would spoil your spoken English and written English. These errors could be attributed to the use of Active and Passive voice, metaphors, modifiers (dangling, squinting, misplaced and many more). The errors could also be because of wrongly used phrasal verbs and metaphors. The mistakes could be because of idioms and phrase too. And then the mistakes could be owing to logic also.
For example when I say ‘All Indians worship politicians’- then I am wrong. Because when I use ‘All’ I am corrupting the sentence from the logical point of view. This logical error caused because of words like ‘All’ is called a ‘hasty generalization’. We need to be logically precise too besides grammatical precision before we communicate with other either orally or by means of written statement.

These days, owing to time constraint one may find it difficult to attend a systematic grammar orientation program. For such people the online grammar learning portals could be very beneficial. You can sit through the topics at your won convenience and have scope for lot of practice too. But before finalizing and adding to your favorites, consider the site for clarity of thought and eloquence of language. Subscribe for the newsletter and see that they are updating the site on a regular basis. Participate in blogs and forums to see quick enhancement of your language skills.  Last but not the least; keep with you a reputed English learning   book or a trusted English grammar book always in possession for some quick reference.

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