Tuesday, 10 July 2012

What is English Language?

English Language is one the most spoken languages of the world. It has been conferred the status of Lingua Franca. English is the language of the nobles. As a token of deep affection it is also called the Queen’s language. If you get deeper into the history of English Language, you would be surprised to know that English, the world’s greatest language, is in fact a hybrid. You might be wondering what ‘Hybrid’ could be. English is deemed “Hybrid” for it has extensively borrowed to its literature from languages like- French, Greek, Latin, Spanish and a few more. There are many words in English that are actually borrowed from many other foreign languages.

Today, English has held the entire world in its grip. No wonder English is loved because of the felicity of expression it offers. Not to mention the sophistication of the language which comes as bonus.  The language that was once spoken in England (restricted to, rather) is now one of the most spoken languages of the world. English, the most reputed International Language is a massively important language for communications pertaining to the domains of Information Technology, Bio-Research, Space Technology, Aviation, Education and many more. English as a language has become indispensable to the existence of mankind. 

The functional knowledge of English has become a necessity to lay hands on plum professional assignments. Adding a feather in its cap, the English Language is one of the six official languages of the United Nations. The popularity of English could be ascribed to the deterioration of Linguistic diversity. There is a need felt by the world to stay connected by one language, thus increasing the efficiency of various processes and procedures. English has now evolved as one of the major languages and has assumed specific dialects owing to the geographical placement of speakers. 

We can now conveniently identify the Australian English from the Canadian, the British English from the American. Indian English has also been gaining a global footage with various Indian writers in English bagging the International Literary prices- Arundhati Roy, Vikram Seth, V.S. Naipaul and many more. Considering training aspects of the English Language, English as Second Language and Foreign Language have a greater demand in the global market. Many breakthrough researches have been made in the domain of English Language Training (ELT) and the trained English Language Teachers are now in possession of meaty roles and plum assignments, not to mention the fat salary packages that they are offered. 

Researches made on EnglishLanguage Learning have occupied the interests of Linguists and Language Trainers. The scope of the domain has broadened roping in the domains of Psychology and Neurology and amalgamating them with the language learning processes in the name of Psycholinguistics and Neurolinguistics. The ever widening and highly infectious domain of English Language is indomitable.   

Be it personal or professional success, English Language defines them to a greater extent. Effective communication in English Language is looked upon highly by the connoisseurs of language. In today’s competitive world a command on English language is half the battle won! No exaggeration this!!

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