Friday, 13 July 2012

English as language of Internet

English language – The Language of W3 (World Wide Web)

Virtual world has become even more fascinating than the real world. With the number of nerds and geeks increasing, the world is now cyber-world and this is no exaggeration. With a boom of employment opportunities and online projects/assignments reaching an all time high, internet is the order of the day. Be it games, lucrative deals, sales and purchasing, booking and financial transactions and many more, Internet is dominating the world in its own beautiful way. The credibility of internet could be attributed to ease and comfort of working from a per-defined, determined place. These make internet interactions viable and constructive this reducing the stress levels.

English has become a predominating language of the internet. It is the lingua franca of computing and this is true. The world cyberspace is in the strong foothold of English Language. It is the most preferred language of the search engines like Yahoo and Google. Although there has been an emergence of other languages on the internet scenario, it’s English that has been ruling the roost. Although the domain of Computer Sciences accepts classic vocabulary from Greek and Latin, it is English that it primarily depends upon.

All the major news websites, online journals and many more information websites are scripted in English. The primary purpose of this is to have a large number of audiences that could comprehend the content of the website mellifluously.  Since the commercial success of the website primarily depends on the number of visitors, the role of English plays a quintessential role by way of determining the number of prospective visitors to a specific website. Since the users of Internet are mostly speakers of English either as native language or second language last but not the least perhaps foreign language there is an ever growing significance of English language in the cyber world.

English language is deeply entrenched in the cyber world.  All the major transactions, procedures, online education portals, online money deals, online bidding and the script for these is etched in English language. If this is one facet of the story the other facet is pretty interesting. The world of internet makes English Language Learning feasible too. There are numerous online English Teaching portals that allow learning of English effectively and at a convenient pace. Besides these systematic English language learning positions social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google + also facilitate a lot of English language procedures. The topic/status threads usually run very long and the language used for communicating there is English. Over a period of time there is a chance to learn writing good English by seeing/observing others write and share their thoughts. Isn’t it cool / amazing?

Internet has also provided mankind with an amazing tool called ‘blogging’. This is one excellent way to spice up and refine language skills. Blogging allows many to share their ideas with others in a reflective way. This facilitates the faculty of expression this refining English Language skills. Blogging has become a craze of this generation. Blogging offers an excellent platform to developEnglish Language skills.

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