Tuesday, 17 July 2012

English Grammar

Role of Grammar in any language

Grammar is the life-force of any language. Grammar determines the pragmatics of using a particular language. In fact grammar is like heart to the body. Just like the heart purifies the blood and pumps it around, grammar takes into consideration the irregularities of a language and sets them straight.  Grammar is the skeleton of language and so determines the elegance of structures too, sentence structures. The seemingly pensive process of grammar learning is not an arduous one as it has been projected almost since ages immemorial. In fact when properly learned under relaxed conditions (both environment and mind) Grammar instills in the learner necessary confidence to take the world in his/her stride.

Is English Grammar tougher?

There is no such experiential or experimental evidence that English grammar is tougher than grammar of any other language. It is a wide spread feeling that English grammar is tougher to learn. The reason could be attributed to the extraordinary stature ascribed to the language. Not to forget the fact that English does bestow success upon an individual at a substantial level.  A language that could take a person to height of success could be considerably tough for learning- Such could be the misconception of layman. But this is utterly wrong as experiments carried over learners of English Language have conveniently proved that under natural and tension free conditions English grammar is much easier to learn and comprehend.

Preparation for any examination instills and generates in a person certain amounts of stress. This impedes the learning process to a considerable extent. Researches and scientific studies have proven the fact that English grammar could be learned effectively under simulated mother tongue/ first-language- learning –like environment. An environment simulated like this generates awesome and commendable results. The basic tenets of grammar are successfully imbibed by the learners with minimum effort.

Communicative Language learning and functional or communicative grammar learning approaches are in vogue these days and are much preferred for their efficiency and efficacy.  English grammar could be best learned when the learners are exposed to the practical benefits of language usage. This way grammar not just becomes theory but an effective tool in the hands of the learner. Such a thing makes otherwise ‘boredom’ generating process of grammar learning very inspiring.

Grammar is necessary to learn when it has to used for professional/official purposes. Grammar learning makes the language usage authentic. A suggested earlier learning grammar and having the rules in possession makes the learner feel confident. At the same time depending overtly on grammar is not good as it blocks creativity and original expression. There could be an annoying monotone dominating the show even without a person’s conscious knowledge about it. 
Hence restricting the knowledge of grammar to editing and proofreading purposes could prove beneficial than an obstinate adherence to it for using even simple words and sentences. This may make the learning process stressful too.

Hence it is suggested to avoid over-dependence on grammar and tailor-make the learning process in a way such that it keeps you in a relaxed state of mind. 

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