Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Tips for Learning English (Online and Offline)

Tips for learning English

Although there are many traditional ways of learning English we can however follow some really interesting and inspiring ways to make this International language, our own primary or secondary language for day-to-day communications.  Mentioned below are some tips that would allow you to make some viable inroads into English language learning.

  1. First and foremost have the right attitude for English Language learning. Never get nervous seeing the enormity of the language. Be confident and realize that English is not your principal language so you can always learn it at your convenience in a tension-free state of mind. If you become overtly conscious about language usage, remember, such a thing never helps!
  2. Maintain your own language learning journal. You need to keep a track and record of your learning. Add to it interesting words you learned and activities you undertook. Share them with friends and peers. This will energize the process of language learning.
  3. Interview some native speakers of English and have it recorded. Later play it and observe the quality of their presentation. How was their sentence structuring and what kind of new words they used and in which context. These things will help you overcome anxiety associated with language learning and make you feel at ease. Request a friend to interview you and have it recorded too. You could then ask a native speaker or someone proficient in English give you a feedback. “Request’ for such a thing politely. When they have mentioned it work on your defects and commit yourself not to repeat these mistakes in the future.
  4. Similarly you can have your write-ups and voice recordings in English evaluated by persons proficient in the language. This will get you face to face with the functional significance of the English language.
  5. Learn something new in English on a daily basis. Be it a new word or a new sentence structure. An idiom or a verbal phrase or anything. Just add a new item to the language learning process on a daily basis.
  6. Watch something regularly on an English channel. Television Channels like the BBC or the National Geographic provide the right exposure to the English Language. The commentators are trained in the language usage and never make a mistake be it grammar, pronunciation or any other aspect.  This activity will certainly add to your effort of language learning. Immediately note down the new word that you stumble upon while encountering a new language.
  7. Reading Newspaper or Science Journal or any other periodical regularly also adds a big deal to Language learning process. You can undertake this activity religiously.  
  8. Participating in activities such as debates and group discussions could be one valid initiative to secure the language. You may not win at the beginning but indulging in such things will make you proficient in the usage of language and that too at an analytical level.

I am sure you now have some really effective tips of English Language Learning in your possession.

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