Tuesday, 31 July 2012

How to develop English Reading Skills?

Developing English Reading Skills

Lately English Language Learning has also been considered an art of acquiring a major skill. The learning of English language since then has been attributed to four major language modules:

  • Reading
  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Writing

According to the language experts the world over, English languagelearning could be segregated to these four major skills. And the acquiring of proficiency in English Language largely depends upon the acquiring of skills in these major areas. That is – Reading Speaking, Listening and Writing. Out of these Reading is to a certain extent a laborious procedure. It is both passive and needs some basic motivation from the reader’s end.
Nevertheless in this article we will suggest to you some really interesting and inspiring ways to develop your reading skills.  If reading has to be developed as a skill then you need to realize that you need to transform it into an ‘active’ process. Passive reading would get you no results. During an active reading a reader could read up to 440 words per minute. This is considerably decent speed. But before dealing with speed aspects we need to deal with an inherent flaw pertaining to reading. We as readers do not get into an active mode until and unless we love reading a specific article. An article/write-up or a written piece does not trigger our interest until and unless it is something loved by us.  Hence it is always important to bear in mind that we at least try liking an article before we read it. This might take some time. But it is worth trying.

Standing in the shoes of the writer and thinking from his/her perspective could also be one good way to develop love for reading. When you do this you become objective and will never be opinionated. Reading then becomes a skill-- a memorable journey.

While reading understanding the essence is very important. You need to guess the gist of the passage while just reading the first 4-5 lines. You could first skim the passage for some basic information and details and later scan for the systematic understanding of the passage. While reading, always progresses. Regression or going back to understand the gist of some lines time and again could be a bad habit.

If you are novice at reading, then you could perhaps murmur while reading and move your index finger along the lines of the passage to get the meaning of this. Eventually you need to forego these amateur practices though. Guessing the meaning of the passage while reading could generate loads of interest while reading, you could certainly try this.

When you come across a new word, just do not halt reading. Go, pick up a dictionary and get the meaning then and there. You could also try predicting the meaning of the word based on the context and get back to the meaning when you are actually done with the reading activity.

These suggestions will definitely help you develop reading skills substantially. Try then at the earliest and get back to us with your valuable feedback!

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