Thursday, 2 August 2012

How to develop English Speaking Skills?

Spoken English is so very important these days. Be it professional settlement or gaining a promotion. Be it for having edge over peers or having that exquisite deal bagged, English plays an essential role. No-quintessential role! If you feel that your spoken English is not up to the mark then you need not actually feel as though gloom descended upon you. You need to right away convert this deficiency/weakness into strength. You need to promise yourself that you are going to make it, i.e. gaining adequate Spoken English skills.

You may be right now wondering how to go about with the whole thing. You need to plan coolly. Nip the frustration at the bud! Yes anxiety/frustration snubs any learning activity. It will not allow budge an inch. So do the negative thoughts. Will I ever learn English? Perhaps I can never speak like him/her! God has been mighty unfair with me! I think my brain and memory apparatuses are deficient. All these thoughts are so badly pessimistic. In fact there has been a recent breakthrough in the domain of English Learning. The scientists almost discovered a Language Acquisition Device (LAD) in the brain. So breaking all your taboos and superstitions you may now realize that you have the LAD too and so can learn English mighty well.

If you had ever contemplated over language learning processes you would realize that you learned your mother tongue through imitation. That is- you purely imitated the language that you were extensively exposed to. That makes some sense, isn’t it? Similarly you can develop speaking skills by interacting verbally in English. You need to shift your communication into English for at least some considerable time. You need to take some time out analyzing the grammatical rules, sentence structures and vocabulary of the language. You also need to seriously take into account the fact where you stand. Only when you know where you stand you can initiate developing your speaking skills from that particular point.

Give yourself the right dose of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. The mention of the word ‘grammar’ might intimidate you. You could perhaps remove this fear for grammar by looking at the language acquiring process scientifically. Why do I need to learn grammar? It is to make me speak English language even more confidently. Once this answer starts appearing credible to you, there won’t be looking back.

Keep interacting with people in English. Join in groups and clubs that are indulged in some kind of conversations, interactions, discussions and debates in English. This will keep you abreast with what’s happening around you. Do not take a back seat when you join such groups. Show enough involvement. Demonstrate initiative taking ability this will make you more and more confident by the day!

Do you have any role model whom you would like to emulate? I mean speak English like him or her? If yes do imitate your icon’s model! What aspects of his/her spoken English fascinates you? Identify this specifically and model it. You will certainly see positive results.

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