Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Why Study English?

Why study English? Why Study English in Australia?

English is well known for its global use, hence is being studied all over the world.  English language is widely being spreading making it more remote in the various parts of the world. Commercially it is binding cultures and bringing people of different unions and cultures together. One has to learn English language if he or she wants to become successful in their life, as English language is one such language which brings people of different countries closer by making them understandable to each other. Moreover it gives wide range of information and knowledge as most of the web based ages these days are available in English language.

Significance of English language

English language has now become a basic tool of survival these days not only does it serve as a bridge in connecting people of different cultures and nations but also helps in forming a relationship between them. If a person is travelling to any foreign country these days with a good knowledge of English language then its sure that he has packed the ingredients of a good future along with him.

Should be studied in Australia?  

One has to study English language to express. English language provides with the vast range due to which the range has to differ. The language gives accessibility to the people to promote cultures to tourist. This will indeed make the knowledge of your country accessible to the world, resulting in good tourism; a good tourism is a well known fact promotes the country’s economy as well as popularity.

For better establishment of Australian companies in global market

If a person is staying in a lavish country such as Australia and earning handsomely in a enormous multi-nation company still is been asked to learn English language, indicates the importance of English language. Many companies recruit their employees on the basis of English language and hence if there aren’t any fluent English speaking employees then he or she is asked to learn English language. This is because the companies want to develop a cooperative environment in the office as well as to promote their company in the global market for which English language is really important.  

To shed differences among people

English language has an importance of its own, many people find it difficult to access the internet as it has much of its knowledge in English language. English language, as such is helping the people to globalize. Australia is known for its tourism and English language must be learnt by the native Australians so that it helps them assist the tourists. Australians are known for their friendly gestures towards the tourists and to make the gesture more understandable and efficient they must learn English. Hence, it’s now clear why a person should learn English when he or she is residing in Australia or any art of the world. English language serve as a mediator between different cultures and nations.

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