Thursday, 15 November 2012

Advantages of Learning English Language

There are a large number of people who are like you, meaning, like you who are looking for the information on what can be the advantages of learning English language (There are many people who are struggling with some of the basic or the most common, elemental structures in English grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation skills etc. They are looking for some of the best, result-getter ways of polishing their language).  

Number of English learners is in billions and billions:

Well, this can’t be wrong if we say that the learners of this beautiful language are in a large number. There are countries where English is given primary importance and just because of the same reason people are just trying to learn this language. It will truly be not wrong to say that half of the population in any country show some sort of attraction to this language and they really seem to leave no stone unturned or no ways left untried to learn this world-language, lingua franca.

Why shall you learn this language, what can be the advantages of learning English language?

There can be myriad advantages for you if you learn this language. If you become proficient at this language then you can have success in everything you do. Here, we have summarized what can be the benefits or the advantages of learning this remarkably beautiful and world’ most popular language, that is English.

English in organizations and international events worldwide:  

Most of the world’s best organizations prefer this language to any other language. You must know this that the use of this language becomes simply unavoidable in world’s best organizations or events because even the world seem to have embraced this language as the language of the earth (to name a few, we can include here certain names such as United States, Gathering on discussion or sharing of scientific knowledge, International Cricket Matches, Olympics, and many other etc). Even if you are a German or a Chinese then you can’t continue your talk in your mother tongue. You will have to speak in English language and if you do not then you will have to find someone who may know your language. There are organizations, functioning at the international platform which put to use only English language and if you would like to be able to cope with everything and move on without any sort of trouble then it is necessary that you focus on learning. The one who knows this language certainly get a lot of attention or importance or perhaps can reach the success-level at a lightning speed.   

English provides access to gaining new knowledge, English helps you gain new information:

English has now become a source of knowledge. It has now become a source of gaining new information, be it related to science, international political affairs, information or news related to development in technology or related to any sort of discovery or anything that which goes on in this world. If you are looking for information online then you will have to know this language because world’s best websites or web blogs are in English language (this doesn't mean that web pages in Arabic language or web pages in German, language or Hindi-Urdu language are not there but the thing is, the first preference is always given to this international English language web sites).

There are really great advantages of learning English language and we have here summarized only a few of them (Please, take a note of this too that this is not just an essay on advantage of learning English, it is something more than that which is aimed at simplifying the presentation of importance or advantages of English learning in organizations and events) 


  1. Thank you very much for this lists. It helps me a lot to remain focused and to feel my motivation, which is essential when studying a language. At the moment I am also experimenting with the advantages of internet in studying English. I found lots of free resources and at the moment I am particularly keep on, a free platform with games for memorizing vocabulary and a section to chat with native speakers. this latter is particularly useful for me! Have a look! I'd love to hear you opinion about internet and languages. Cheers, Claudia

  2. Learning english helps to stay connected with people.Many people now a days know english.In many places english is spoken.I am learning english practically by watching videos like this


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