Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The Best, Popular English Word of The Year 2012

Now, here is something for the learners of the English language across the globe. Every year, “a word of the year” is selected. The selection of the word is based on its popularity.  The selecting committee focuses on a lot of things when they select any word (The word should be popular enough. The users should be greater in number and if it not so then definitely the word will not get selected).

Selection of the popular word of the year 2012:  

Selection of the American Oxford Dictionary:

This year GIF has been selected as the word of the year 2012. The news was published in the yahoo news website.  This GIF is said to have celebrated a lexical milestone this year that is 2012.  

“This GIF gained traction not just as a verb but as a noun as well.” said Katherine Martin, who is the head of the US Dictionaries Program at Oxford. This word GIF has been evolved from a Pop Cultural Memes into a very perfect or a flawless tool with some of the serious applications in media and research.  Even its lexical identity is keeping pace with its attitude of transforming.
GIF is an abbreviation for three very different words. This GIF is a single word for three separate words such as (1) Graphics (2) Interchange and (3) Format. This abbreviation is first reported to be seen in 1987 when it was released by the CompuServe. It even said to have experienced a totally dramatic resurgence.  It is popularly used in a farcical way during commentary related to sports. Even its use is noted in the presidential elections held in 2012 in the US

The other word which could also have got selected as the word of the year 2012 is the word which is also an abbreviation like GIF that is YOLO. The word stands for a very popular phrase such as “You Only Live Once.”  The second runner-up was the word “SuperStorm” which is named after the most major and the most devastating storm that hit the Eastern US during the first week of this month, November.

A bit about the selection of the British Oxford Dictionaries:

If we here talk about the selection of the most favorite or the most popular word of 2012 year by the British oxford dictionaries then it can be said that the decision of the selection of the word seem entirely to be a different one. The word that which is selected for the year 2012 is the word "omnishambles", (the meaning of the word: "a situation that which is comprehensively difficult to be managed, a situation in which there can be continuity of the miscalculations or grievous blunders").

One thing common that which is needed to be mentioned here is this that the words here show some sort of neologism or shows the growing influence of the cultural landscape (Please, take a note of this too that the word may or may not get included in the next edition of the dictionaries as the word of the year 2012).  

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