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Common English Teaching Methods

Some of the most common English Teaching Methods

Stated here in this article are a few of the common methods of English teaching.

Today, in our post we are going to throw some light on the most popular teaching methods of English language. Yes, if you are a teacher of English language or if you are an English language trainer then this article of ours is really for you. If you are seriously looking for the methodologies or the techniques which can make teaching fun and entertainment then you are really right on being here fore we have listed here certain techniques of teaching English language which are always held in higher regard.
Understand the basic concepts first:

When you are working as an English teacher and you would like to make your students learn more about what you are trying to explain without any sort of complications then it is necessary that you should first make use of those applications which are known to be of the highest quality. You will have to give a lot of priority to the main concepts first. Many of the English language trainers or the teachers drift away from their main topics during the time of teaching. Instead of making students or the learners understand the concept they just keep on explaining the things without even understanding this that their learners are not at all getting any sort of hold over the topic or part of the grammar that which is being explained to them.

Make use of specimens or the models when you teach:

Well, this is crucial that you should utilize certain specimens (charts, models etc) when you are explaining anything to your students. For instance, if you are explaining to your students something about the parts of speech or the construction of the verbal sentences then it is of vital significance that you should focus on explaining these things with neatly drawn tables etc. A thing which is colored gets fixed in the mind so very easily that it will not move out of it. Hence, it is all-important that you make use of the colored charts etc.

Keep your tone simple and pleasant:

This is of 100% significance. While teaching, if you are not concentrating on your own tone then the students may not be able to perfectly grasp the concept that which you would like to make plain to them. Your use of words should be simple. You, as an ELT or spoken English trainer, need to make use of much simpler-to-understand words. Always try to be away from making use of those words which are technical or which are straight from the grammar books because the students may not be able to understand the grammatical terms. They may not be able to understand what the words you are using. So, it is higher-order importance that you focus only on simple words which are used in day-by-day conversations.  

Livelier teaching:

Make your teaching much livelier by cracking a few jokes which perfectly suit the situations (which sometimes arise in the classroom). When you laugh with the students then the students get a chance to feel stress-free and tension-free. 
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