Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Tips on English Learning

Tips on English Learning  - What learners of this lingua franca should concentrate on? 
Here we have listed one major skill which is necessary to be present in all the learners that is the skill of learning from own mistakes. Yes, it is prerequisite for learning anything you would like to. Focus on what we have stated here if you wish to gain unbelievably the greatest level of fluency in your English language.

Never ever be afraid making or learning from your own mistakes:

Well, what we mean by this is this that many of the learners who are in the beginning stage of learning show some kind of reluctance to not making use of the language. They believe that they will make mistakes when they will open up their mouth. Well, if you are also a learner who thinks the same then it, really, is a needed thing now for you to focus on the same and learn from your own blunders (it is something through which you will be able to learn more and more about the Lang). Yes, when you try to speak (and during the process of articulating your ideas into words) you may make the most drastic or the most laughable or hysterical mistakes but do not think that you should stop or seal your lips. If you, at such situations (situations in which you find it difficult to say or not to say or how to say or what to say etc), do not open up your mouth and try to arrange your words into meaningful sentences or your phrases or clauses into smaller paragraphs then you will not be able to do the same thing entire your life even if you understand all of the rules of the grammar / usage of the vocabulary / phrases or the idioms etc.
Learning from mistakes:

When you make a mistake in speaking in front of someone who can act as a teacher then you will surely learn to speak what you intended to in the most correct way. Yes, when your listener is good at heart then you can even get the chance to get what you want to say in a correct way as you can expect to receive some sort of assistance as well from your listener. If you are asked to stand during your English learning class and you do not show positivity in responding to the question being asked then you will not be able to answer the question which the people may ask you in future too (because during the stages of learning it is always requisite that you should focus on making it possible for you to speak in any way possible). Do not think you will go wrong. Do not think your listeners will make fun of you. Do not think that you will just make mistakes or the most laughter raking blunders when you will give some trouble to your tongue to express what you really feel etc.

When you think that you should start speaking only after getting understood everything about the lang-grammar (refer our article on ways of learning English grammar) or the vocabulary etc then you will not be able to accomplish your dream-goal any time in your life. So, do not stop yourself next time when you will have to put your feelings into words of English language. Yes, just move on and do not think of whether what you are going to say in English will be considered right or wrong etc.


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