Saturday, 15 December 2012

Comparing English and Other Major Languages of the World

Here, in this article, we have endeavored to explain to our readers that the comparison does really exist among the major languages of the world but still it will really be incorrect to say that the grammar of one language is tougher than the grammar in other language etc. Here, the level of difficulty in learning any language is determined by its grammar, vocabulary, phrasal and idiomatic expressions etc. 

A learner may face or may come across situations where he / she may feel diffident of learning it but it would really be not good to label the language as difficult. Remember, any language can be learned, provided you have that passion in you to bring it in yourself. It may be possible that you may find tenses in English language difficult to be understood or you may find its vocabulary to be difficult to learn and master etc but if you focus more and more then you won’t feel it to be difficult. 
Dispelling your doubts:

Let us first dispel a few doubts or misconceptions of yours. If you are the  one who believes that the grammar of this language is very complex and it really confuses the learners and it, really, is all the more difficult to be understood then we would like to tell you this thing first that you are misleading yourself. Yes, you, really, are keeping yourself in the darkness. Let this be cleared here, that each language has its own grammar but it doesn't mean that it would be difficult and it will be virtually impossible to gain perfection at it. No, there is no language in the world which is not easier to be learned. If you have a desire to learn Chinese, then you can easily learn it, if you have a dream of speaking French but you are an English then also, a little bit of efforts from you will surely let you get the chance to focus on it and you will then see yourself speaking French. Yes, if you have a desire to learn German then it will gain be easier for you because, German is not that difficult language. If we here try to make a comparison between English and other major languages of the world then it would really be unfair to say that one language is difficult and the other is easier etc. But if the fact is told here then it can be very much clear, that many of the learners feel that the grammar in English is really bit incomprehensible, it has got so many rules and so many of the obligations that it will just be difficult for the learners who are just the beginners in this language

English language for the beginners:

If we here talk of those who have just started learning this language then they will surely feel it that it, really, is a tougher and the most difficult one to be learned, understood, spoken, conveyed, used etc. because, in beginning itself you, as a learner, will come across some basics which are based on some traditional rules which really offers no specific or logical explanation on why such a rule is like that or why something is like what it is etc…

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