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Tenses in English Language

All about English Tenses in a briefer way...

Let us now talk of English tenses or tenses in English language. If you are the one who desires to be a good, fluent and an effective speaker of this language English then it is crucial that you should have great command over the tenses. If you know pretty well about the tenses in English language then you will be able to speak correct English otherwise you may not be able to speak with perfect grammar. 

Many of the speakers, during the process of their learning do not much focus on making sentences on their own. Instead of this, they focus on making use of some of the ready-made sentences which they can use as and when the time or the situation demands. If you would like to be perfect at speaking then it is all-important that you focus on learning tenses in English language because these are what the language is based on. Your speaking will not carry any meaning, your listeners will not be able to grasp what the matter you would like to convey to them, there will truly be no sort of understandability if you do not make use of the right tenses in English at the time while speaking.

Tenses in English language:

Well, if we talk about the classification of the English tenses then we can say this that the tenses in English language are classed into three categories. They are the (i) present tense (ii) past tense and the (iii) future. If we can talk of the sub categories then it can be said that in English language each primary category has got four other sub categories

For instance, we here talk of the present tense then in present tense we gain get some other tenses such as (i) simple present (ii) present progressive or continuous tense (iii) present perfect tense (iv) present perfect continuous or progressive.

Similarly for past tense again we have four different tenses such as (i) simple past (ii) past progressive or continuous tense (iii) past perfect tense (iv) past perfect continuous or progressive

For future tense again we have four tenses such as i) simple future (ii) future progressive or continuous tense (iii) future perfect tense (iv) future perfect continuous or progressive

English tenses with examples:  

Let us know discuss in detail taking some of the examples of the tenses

Tenses in English Language
Present Tense
Type of the tense

Simple Present Tense
He writes
Present Continuous
He is writing
Present Perfect
He has written
Present Perfect Continuous
He has been writing

Tenses in English Language
Past Tense
Type of the tense

Simple Past Tense
She wrote
Past Continuous
She was writing
Past Perfect
She had written
Past Perfect Continuous
She had been writing

Tenses in English Language
Future Tense
Type of the tense

Simple Future Tense
He will write
Future Continuous
He will be writing
Future Perfect
He will have written
Future Perfect Continuous
He will have been writing

Resources for learning Tenses in English:

If we here talk of the proper resources which can be available then we can say this here without any inkling of doubt that there can be many resources which can be put to use. No matter what you are in quest of whether you are looking for English tenses pdfs or whether you are looking for English tenses worksheets you can easily get anything you require. 

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