Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Teaching English to Small Kids

Ways of teaching English to small kids- fun and efficient ways 

Kids below the age of ten have the tendency and capability to grasp things quickly. It can’t be an herculean job to make kids of such tender age learn something new or entirely different. Children put forth their cent percent concentration and interest once the subject is alluring enough. To make the child show interest in English the parent, teacher or tutor have to make efforts, keeping in mind the child’s area of interest. Following are some ways which can be used to attract the child towards English.

Use of attractive concepts to lure kids towards the language

To make children attract towards English models or concepts which comprise of their interest must be used. For example if a kid is fond of singing little jingles of English are really effective these can make the child learn a lot as well as will keep it going. Another effective method such as drawing can be used as well. For instance, A for apple, makes the child draw apple and color it so that he or she has a picture of what “A” stands for and what its pronunciation is. 

Converse in English for quick learning 

As the child learns the basics gradually try to converse in English. This will help in improving fluency and give better acknowledgement of the language. With this method a proper diction will be laid right in the elementary stage of learning English. This will also advance in the learning procedure once the child starts grasping the words which are used to converse in day to day life there will be no looking back for him.

Making the learning process fun and enthusiastic  

A child will never come forth if the learning procedures seems dull and no fun to him, one has to make sure it sounds like the most playful thing he or she has ever learned. If the child is enthusiastic about the subject he will definitely open u all his concentration and grasping skills to learn the language immediately there will be no obstacle or boredom in learning then. For keeping this enthusiasm the tutor or the parents have to be playful and cheery to the child.  

Divide and Learn

Divide arts of English into time segments and make them fun for the child for example keep 2 mind for learning the English names of numbers, 2 minutes in which the child has to lay emphasis on the vocabulary, 20 minutes for the child to learn names of different fruits and vegetables. Of course in all this creative methods can be induced such as coloring for fruits and vegetables names, sing along jingles for the vocabulary and counting toys at home for the numbers.

These effective measures are sure to help the child learn English as well as upsurge interest in them. By the help of these methods the child will surely give you effective results, because for a child its fun to learn when it’s a play.

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