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Teaching English As A Second Language

Teaching English as a second language

Many of the English language trainers feel lot more difficulty when they have to teach in a monolingual way. If you are teacher of this lang then you must be aware of this fact that nearly nine times of out of ten, trainers get stuck in the middle of their explanation and just do not find a way to continue in a perfect way. If you are also one of the trainers who teach English as a second language then it is crucially necessary that you read our post here (as this will give you some idea of what to do when you are entrusted to train or teach or tutor someone who is not that good at grasping this lang).
Teaching English in China or other countries:

Well, teaching English in China can be difficult. Some of the Chinese can even feel this that this lang has got something very different in it or something very repellent which actually opposes their own lang-sounds. When we compare the process of learning English in China with the process of learning English in UK then we can find a large number of differences. For instance, the language trainers who are teaching English in China should be able to speak Chinese as well.  If the trainer is not good or adept at that lang then definitely it would be almost impossible for the trainer to teach (Not all the things can be explained in just one language. When you are teaching something, something that which is very much different or unusual for someone then it always becomes indispensable to make use of the bilingual methods as this will help the learners grasp the subject-matter easily and within a short period of time).

Teaching, making use of two languages is needed:

When you are teaching something, without making use of the language which your listeners speak or which your students or the learners speak then definitely it would be difficult to make them understand. Hence, those who are the teachers of the English language, those who are teaching English as a second language or foreign language need to know the importance of teaching in a bilingual way which will surely bear fruit. The learners will get to know about the language pretty well. They may then become able to love the language when they will find certain equivalents in their lang too.

A piece of advice / stressing on importance of bilingual method of teaching:

Teaching should be done by making use of the two languages. The language teacher should be able to speak the language of the learners as well. If the trainer is not well-versed in the lang of the learners then definitely it will not be easier for the trainer to make them all understand. The trainees too will surely lose their interest when they find it difficult to understand English just through English. Hence, bilingual method of teaching should be adopted and should be given importance. When meanings of the Eng-Words are given in the language which the learners speak then this will help them memorize them easily and they will surely show a lot of improvement. 

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