Thursday, 3 January 2013

English rhymes for children

How to keep small kids busy? How English rhymes can make the kids busier and forget their home when at school? How English rhymes for children are of greater importance?

You must have remembered learning certain rhymes when you were in your kinder garden school. Well, in many of the schools small kids are taught English in a jolly manner. It is a fact in which there is no denying that kids show no interest in anything except games. They may display strong desire to be a part of some entertaining activities or the sports which can help them forget their home, at least for a few hours when they are at school. Teachers who teach primary classes always get so very confused because of the indiscipline or ill-mannerism in the classroom which often is seen because of poor controlling or less concentrations over the kids. Whenever there is no way of maintaining then the most possible way out is to make the kids busier in something which will divert their attention to certain new things.

Teaching English rhymes to kids:

There are so many popular rhymes in English language which seems to be passing on from years and years. This should be mentioned too that there are many schools where the use of the best of the old-times rhymes are played. Who doesn’t have learned or crammed the poem: “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”? Everyone must have read and known this poem as this is one of the most popular ones among the best. Gone are the days when primary class teachers have to make the students learn the poem by repeatedly teaching them by writing on the board. Now, every school is making use of the audios or the videos for the purpose of teaching the best of the best English rhyme (Who doesn’t know about the popular rhymes such as “Jack & Jill” or the “Ring a Ring a Rosies” or the other popular rhymes such as “Humpty Dumpty,” “Rain, Rain Go Away” etc?)

Small kids are now learning these rhymes in a different way. They are learning through visuals, through cartoons which actually help them view everything when they next time try to read out or remember them or just simply recite them in front of their parent or anyone on request.

Advantages of teaching English rhymes to kids:

There are myriad advantages of teaching English rhymes to kids. First and foremost thing is this that small kids will help get the real flavor or the real understanding or the most realistic fun of the language. They can come to know of the sound of the alphabet in the language. They just easily learn the letters through rhymes. They will be able to learn a few words as well. Kids can get a chance to get some hold on some simple sentences as well. They get to know of some of the basic structures in eng too. They will not get bored. They will feel happy to be at the school. They may not pester teachers for one thing or the other. These poems can even help kids in learning many other things in future (please, refer our post on where to learn English as well). 


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