Tuesday, 1 January 2013

English for Kids

This article is related to ways of teaching English or English for kids or kids English. 

It is now time for us to focus a little on English for kids. Yes, it is imperative at this stage that we should talk about teaching English to small children. If you ask hundred English language trainers why it is sometimes difficult to teach English to small kids or the children then ninety nine out of hundred will surely answer you that the problem arises because the kids do not show that much of interest which is expected or which is, in fact, required for the learning of this language. Many of the trainers even avoid teaching to small kids. They really believe that it would be not just be difficult but even impossible sometimes to manage the class and teach effectively. And sometimes even trusted or the most common English teaching methods will not work as expected.

Teaching is always a difficult job:

Well, it, really, is true. Teaching is always a job which is not just difficult but sometimes much more annoying which can even let you go mad as well (The situation will not be that much fretting if you are teaching English to those who are grown-ups or those who already posses some amount of the lang but if you are teaching someone who is just a beginners or those who are just trying learn it as a subject at school then the problem aggravates more and more).  

Teaching kids anything is not easier and if we here talk of what can then be the way to successfully achieve the purpose of teaching English then it can be said here that it should be done only via some games. Yes, small children love games. They really will show a lot of interest in learning anything which is related to games.  So, what is the point that which is being tried to present to the readers is this that small kids should be taught their own way that is through some grammar or vocabulary-based, funny games.

Plan out first and then proceed:

Yes, if you are a trainer and you are given this job of teaching English to small kids then it is of paramount necessity that you should first focus on planning. Planning really will help you. You will have to first list out everything that which is highly obligatory or that which should be done in order to make the kids get this lang faster and faster. But before you do this, you will have to first infer the situation in the classroom first. You will have to get to know what qualities the kids have, what they can do or to what extent they can do etc. Whether they will be able to manage the work-load that which you will give or whether they will not be able to learn the vocabulary by heart etc. You will have to judge their mental abilities by giving them some simple tests in English language (tests in English grammar or tests in English vocabulary etc). You will have to see what they are lacking in and once you get the idea of these all then you can proceed to the next level of teaching English language effectively. 

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  1. Teaching English for kids especially on the first stage is so important because it will help them learn and master English later on. I have enjoyed reading this article and I think it will help you get ideas about learning English for kids. Thanks once again and I hope to see much of your best effort.


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