Wednesday, 2 January 2013

How to learn English speaking online for free?

Let us now hold a small discourse on: "How to learn English speaking online for free?"

If there are ten people whose English language are good then (take this seriously) seven out of ten or even sometimes nine out of ten will not be good speakers if English is not their mother tongue. Yes, it is a fact which deserves to be mentioned here. Knowing English has become a common thing now. With the advancement in the education sector, all schools pay attention to teaching thing language or imparting education in this medium. Now, everyone of us have become so very alert or aware of the importance of it that each of us show inclination to learning or acquiring this language. 

It is a fact now that living in this world without knowing this language will virtually be impossible as its presence is everyone. It has now become one of the widely accepted and one of the commonest langs which one should be able to communicate into and if you are not the one who knows how to make use of the language or how to communicate or transfer ideas into the language then you will be labeled a loser. Yes, a loser, because in this competitive world, where ever you go, you will have to speak in English and if you are not doing this then you will surely be asked to step aside or wait in a queue for some more time.

Knowing English is not just enough now:

It will really be not enough for anyone (who claims that he / she knows the language that) who is just able to understand it well or what the other speakers are saying. It will not be enough for anyone is able to say just a few words in reply to the questions put forward etc. No, it will really be not sufficient for you to just reply in YES or NO. You will have to answer in proper language, with correct diction, with English-like style. If you are not able to speak properly then it will truly be equivalent to knowing nothing in this langue.

Enhancing your speaking abilities:

In order to enhance your speaking skills, you will have to stick to the plan.  You will have to practice, no matter whether you are alone or whether you are with someone (who may not be interesting in listening to your broken language or who may even look for a chance to laugh at you). Practice speaking this language and even if you know this fact that you will become a figure of fun for others in the group or your class if you open your mouth. Do not just pay attention to anything. Do not think that it will be your insult if you open up your mouth and say something which is considered wrong in the language. Do not think too much. Just simply go forward. Try to the level possible to express what you like to (and do not just spend too much of your time in constructing the sentence, focusing more on rules pertaining to grammar, ways of speaking, body language etc).

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