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English Learning Games for Children

English learning games for children- Learning while playing

Many worldwide schools accept the fact that playing plays a vital role in the development of a child’s upbringing. Many schools have considered this way of learning as the most effective one and have developed games which keep evolves the mental growth of the child as well. Similarly in learning English language, many games can play a vital role. There are many puzzle games riddle games which can play a important role in the development of English language of the child.

Learn English while you play

A very familiar game, "Name-Place-Animal-Thing," is a game which can prove to be one of the easiest and the most effective ways to learn English (in a playful way). A very familiar game which evolves more than one child and a random letter is chosen with which all name lace animal thing must begin, the quickest kid wins.  Nowadays online name place animal have also been developed which help in the technology lover kids to boost their skills. You can encourage your child for such puzzle games which makes him aware of nous very well.

Another game which helps in boosting the knowledge of the kid is word scrabble, it’s a game where letters are scattered and the child has to make meaningful words out of letters. This is one game which not only lures the kid but also keeps adults engrossed. In this game you may join your kid and keep enjoying the game. In no time you will find your child developing awareness about new words and even defeating you. The online version of this game is no less fun as such, involving the equal fun and same rules this online version of word scrabble are no less fun.

Watch creativity blooming when the child learns

Many online games evolve in completing the missed letters form a word. The commonly used game hangman has its online version as well in which a child can learn selling pretty quickly. The online version of hangman has the same criteria as that of the old school method. A child’s area o interest can be determined by such a game you may see the correct answers he or she have given for any particular  category that particular category is his or her area of interest.

An online story telling game is the most creative and efficient way to make the child learn Englishlanguage. Sing along karaoke like that of Dora the explorer helps children exhibit their interest in poetry, the online color recognition makes you analyze your child’s inclination towards colors.  The story teller gives an incomplete story and lets the child say the further story in such online game the diction and speaking skills of the child is exhibited, not only this but also the creativity of the child is put forth.

By means of such games which are the technology version of the classic games which even the parents played as kids help in laying the strong infrastructure of English language in the child. So promote your kids to such games as they are great source of knowledge to them.

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