Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Teaching English As A Foreign Language

What are the difficulties in teaching English as a foreign language?

Teaching English language as a foreign language can be a tough task. It may require whole new tactics than that you used earlier during your sessions. One should be very careful while he or she chooses profession as a English language teacher in a foreign country, because it requires teaching a language in a country where you are totally unaware about the people as well as their ideologies.

There are many ways which can make the job of a teacher easy as such. You have to keep a calm mind and stay focused on your ob. It’s your duty to make people learn the language; not only you but they will as well face much difficulty. There are measures which can be kept in mind to ensure least difficulty.

Using interactive ideas

Many students get disturbed by new teachers; they do not interact and create trouble for themselves in such case the teacher has to take the initial steps. Interactive ideas such as getting to know your students in English language will help you know about the level of their language as well as create a less awkward situation for you. It will also give you a level of comfort ability, due to which you will be able to convey more and more about the language to your students. The main reason to this measure is that it will provide you with an idea about how much the people have learned English, you may also encourage them further for speaking and exposing their English language skills.

Getting to know the comfort level

There are many students who get uncomfortable with the idea of a new teacher. They find it a difficult situation that they will have a native English language speaker as their teacher and their language may seem poor. The idea of being inferior, locks u the student and in result makes the student poor in English language. For teaching better, you will have to know the comfort level of your students. This will help you know how much to expect from your students when you teach certain art of English language. Furthermore, for better understanding the learning skills and previous study pattern as a teacher you should provide them with the comfort ability so that they come up with their own ideas and way of talking to you. Always keep in mind each country has its own way of learning things!

Starting from the basics

Start from the basics, so that the students grasp your way of teaching as well. The most important thing which people face when ever a new language teacher comes is, understanding her way of teaching. To avoid this you will have to start from the basics to make your students understand your way of teaching English language.

Keeping them encouraged

Many students have poor command over their language in such cases it is the job of the teacher to keep them appreciated, be friendly and nice to them so that they enjoy learning English language as well as your company. This will make you establish a good career as English teacher in foreign country.

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