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Ten Best English Channels

Short note on 10 best English channels

English language is the most widely spoken language on earth. It’s a way of globalization. It’s also a way of binding countries together many entertainment as well as news channels are in English these days so as to provide information and leisure to every part of the world. As such due to which understanding of English language is spreading all over the world. There are as such some channels which not only use simple, clean English but also quality English keeping in mind the international audience. The ten best English channels are listed below.

CNN news channel

CNN is the most cliché channels which most of the people refer for information. The English Channel uses English efficiently and provides people with the information they need it keeps in mind the international audience which makes it more reliable by the viewers and help them luring more to CNN. These criteria of its use of English language have made it one of the most viewed channels over the years.

BBC news channel

BBC is also a native English language but has many of its services around the world. Its popularity have helped it gain such great success to add on the levels of its popularity it has now developed English lesson programs which are available as well as online.

THE NEO sports channel

For all the sport lovers NEO sports is foremost the best channel it provides the viewers commentaries in English language, or dubbed with English language. The quality services which the channel provides help it gain all the necessary TRP. NEO sports it’s internationally available and provides sports telecast as well as news.

Sony Six

Sony six is a well known English language sports channel. It telecasts live sports such as cricket matches, Wimbledon and Olympics all with English language commentaries. It is known for its quality and maintained progress over the years.


God TV is an English language religious channel. It is for the people willing to learn about the English translation of bible, Quran and other religious holy books. It’s known to be a mesmerizing channel and has gained popularity widely due to its efficient use of English language which binds people in better understanding.

Discovery Channel

The discovery channels are internationally framed its success is widely known. It has many sub channels for various areas such as wildlife discovery, discovery for kids and discovery turbo. It uses the simplest English language and also translates programs in English language for better understanding of the viewers.


Its and initiation of the discovery programs and stands on expression of live and learn value. It’s created for the aspiring and creative minds so that it can help in blooming on the creativity. By far it is the best English language channel which gives the viewers a new edge of lifestyle.


Axn is a well known English movies channel. It’s all for the movie freaks which prefer English language movies for relaxing after a stressed day. AXN is widely popular for its English action movies telecasts. Hence, making it more popular, so that the audience who enjoy action movies.

ZEE Cafe

To switch on English entertainment with sitcoms and dramas zee café is the best channel one can prefer. Provided in English language it is one of the most well known channels. Its popularity is flooded due to the quality of English language.


The channel which has got so very great popularity is animax. This channel is aired in English language to gain extra popularity. It’s surely giving results as the recorded popularity of animax has leveled up ever since it is being aired in English language. 

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